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Dictus Band - DS-02
The Dictus Band (DS-02) is an orthopedic aid, mainly intended for people suffering from Foot Drop. The active part is an elastic band, which lifts the front of the foot in an upward position.

Item # Description Size Color
530200-031 Dictus DS-02XL Extra Large >26 cm / 10 " Black
530200-021 Dictus DS-02L Large 20-27 cm / 8-10.5" Black
530200-011 Dictus DS-02M Medium 15-20 cm / 6-8" Black
530200-000 Dictus DS-02J Child 12-17 cm / 5.5-7" Black


Dictus Indoor - DS-03
The Dictus Indoor (DS-03) is a complement to and is used in conjunction with the Dictus Band (DS-02). Dictus Indoor (DS-03) provides support when the user is moving about indoors or without shoes.

Item # Description Size Color
530300-011 Dictus DS-03R Adult For indoor use Right Black
530300-111 Dictus DS-03L Adult For indoor use Left Black
530300-000 Dictus DS-03J Child For indoor use Black


Dictus - Spare Parts

Item # Description Unite
530100-041 Replacement Latex elastic band Each
530100-003 Replacement Spring steel hooks Pair
530100-002 Replacement Mono Hook Each


The Dictus Band is manufactured by Erimed International KB, Huddinge, Sweden.




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